Rekey Locks

We are the company to contact if you consider it important to rekey locks in Vancouver, British Columbia. If this is so, your request is likely urgent. Of course, you may want locks rekeyed if you like the idea of having a keyed alike system – that’s having one key for multiple locks.

In any case – urgent or not, Locksmith Vancouver is your go-to service company. By turning to us, you can be certain of the service’s results, the responsiveness of the locksmiths, and the reasonable rates.

Professional locksmiths rekey locks in Vancouver

Rekey Locks Vancouver

We always hurry to dispatch locksmiths quickly to rekey locks, Vancouver customers may trust. Even if this is not an emergency, you surely want the job done as fast as possible. Of course, if your intention is to set up a master key system, you choose the day and the time for the service. The important thing is that we can send a locksmith to rekey locks and make new keys for you.

More often than not, there’s a need for emergency lock rekey service. That’s usually when the key to a certain main door lock is found in many hands or in the hands of people with no permission to enter this specific property or room. Similar headaches occur when the key is lost and even more when the key is stolen. Despite the case, the lock must be rekeyed quickly – for security purposes alone. And when it comes to key change and lock rekeying, our team is the best choice for a service offered fast and done well.

What’s lock rekeying – lock rekey service experts

When a key is stolen, getting a key replacement has no meaning. The whole point is to prevent possible intrusions and that’s the whole meaning of lock rekeying. The service involves the replacement of the lock pins, which are found in the cylinder. These pins are configured to align in a specific manner when the right key is inserted into the lock. This is what makes it possible to enter and turn the key. When the key is in the wrong hands, this is the last thing you want. And so, the pins change, and their configuration changes so that only a new key will work with this specific lock.

As long as the lock is okay and not damaged, the locksmiths replace the pins, change the configuration, and make a new key. True pros in Vancouver rekey locks expertly and respond quickly. If that’s what you need, give us a call.